12 “Movies Of The Last Decade” From Bollywood – Checkout How Many You Watched Or Missed

From 2010 to 2020, We saw a lot. The decade was great and gave us a lot of memories. We might not forget for the rest of our lives. I’ve a lot to talk about this decade, but this post is about the best movies of this decade, so I will be talking about that only today.

We saw stars becoming superstars and new comers becoming stars. This decade is also unforgettable because it gave us very talented actors like Rajkumaar Rao And Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
So thousands of movies were released in these ten years. Some of them went superhit and some movies flopped. Some have also been average movies, but very few movies were too good to be forgotten.

So here’s my list of ‘Movies Of The Decade’.

1. Gangs Of Wasseypur 1 & 2

The movie had everything which was needed like drama, dialogues, comedy, action, romance and songs. With this, the movie has gained ‘cult’ status over a period of time.
Characters like Faizal Khan and Sardar Khan has achieved legendary status, but still none of both the parts were box office hits.

2. Haider

If you still haven’t watched yet movie haider, I suggest to watch.
The movie Haider’s story is based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
The movie gives a humanist perspective of Kashmir during the political unrest. Acting of Shahid Kapoor and Tabu was admirable in the movie.

3. Ishqiya

Ishqiya shows a love triangle which we never saw before. Acting of both the actors and Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi were appreciable.

Films beginning is quite like a roller coaster ride, but the movie keeps you concentrated. The movie gives us all the three leading characters perspective which I liked the most. I admit that film’s ending wasn’t so convincing, but still I will recommend this to watch instead of Bollywood’s commercial love story movies.

4. Tumbbad

Tumbbad is undoubtedly a gem in the Indian horror movie genre, although it wasn’t a full horror movie but a horror like. The movie successfully delivers its message about the human greed.

5. Newton

A straightforward movie that has a simple looking story, but still the movie successfully made its place in its audience’s hearts.

Also the performance of two actors, Raj Kumar Rao and Pankaj Tripaathi made the movie more beautiful and enjoyable.

6. I am

The movie, I am showing problem like section 377, Kashmir situation, child sexual abuse and sperm donation.

One might not feel relevant with such problems the movie allows the emphasize.

7. Delhi belly

Delhi belly was and still an ‘out-of-box’ movie both for audience and directors.
It shows friendship, romance and the dark side of smuggling with comedy.

Very few black comedies get a ‘cult’ status and delhi belly is one of them.

8. Udaan

With brilliant cinematography and heartbreaking dialogues, the movie Udaan leaves an impression that one can’t forget easily.

Udaan artfully combined the representation of teenage angst and child abuse.

9. Ud-Daa Punjab

The movie Udta Punjab based on the serious topic of ‘Punjab’s drug problem’ but without using a serious tone. Its an often misconception that movie based on societal issues or serious topics can’t be entertaining or engrossing.

With romance, comedy, action, intrigue and good music, the movie successfully shown the drug problem and what it comes with.

10. Band Baaja Baaraat

It’s a movie just like traditional Hindi movies, but the movie thankfully didn’t rely on star cast and has a good story. The movie has good and original soundtracks and well crafted sequences. With all these things, one can understand that why it was a box office hit.

11. LSD

LSD had a different style of filmmaking, then we as the audience is used to see. The movie was shot in digital formats with different cameras.
The movie left audiences reeling with emotions which one can love or hate but can’t ignore.

12. Gully boy

Gully boy was the movie which introduced Indian ‘Gully’ rap to the Indian mainstream entertainment which was ignored for a long time. Director Zoya Aktar gave due representations of themes like friendship, romance, sexism and financial disparities.

One who haven’t watched yet the movie, should take time for it and watch!

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