15 Countries In The World Which Don’t Have Own Army

It was ancient time when kings used to bigger army then they should have and fights for the territory was started when humans started developing themselves and these territorial fights never been stopped. In this mordent time, when two countries claim on a same territory, the territory will be called “disputed territory”. However, in this mordent time, international community plays a key role to maintain peace on the planet earth. International forum UN always recommend to talk instead of military action. 

However, almost every country develops their army much powerful as they could because almost all the country need to be ready for any hypothetical setiution. In recent years when Russia attacked Ukraine and took a large territory named crimia. 

But what if I tell you that there is few countries which don’t have army? Yes, we made a list of 10 countries without army. 

Countries Which Don’t Have Own Army

  1. Costa Rica: 
    It was 1948 when this country suffered a bloody civil-war. And after the the civil war, Costa Rica done de-militarization and abolished its armed forces. Well, Internal security is manged by police forces. But surprisingly, Costa Rica have border disputes but still manages it without having standing army and this country is the largest country which don’t have army.
  2. Andorra:
    Internal security in this country is insured and manged by its national police. The country andorra is a landlocked country bordering with Spain and France.
    To insure in its external security, Andorra have special military treaties with Spain and France.
  3. Dominica:
    It was year 1981 when Dominica’s army attempted coup. Ironically, Dominica abolished its army for forever.
    Dominica’s internal security is manged by police and for external security, there is Regional security system.
  4. Grenada:
    Due to America-led invasion, Grenada has no standing army since 1983.
    Royal Grenada police forces manages the internal security in like Dominica, Grenada too has Regional security system fr external security.
  5. Haiti:
    Because of military coups, the Haitian military was disbanded in 1995 but rebels have demanded for re-creations on army.
    Like above countries, Internal security is manged by police forces.
  6. Iceland:
    Iceland has no standing army since year 1869 but the country Iceland is a active member of NATO. external security is insured by US.
  7. Kiribati:
    Since year 1978, Kiribati has no standing army. Under the Kiribati constitution, the only forces allowed to have is police. The defence assistance is provided by Australia and New Zealand.
  8. Liechtenstein:
    The country Liechtenstein abolished its army in year 1968 because the country could not bear the cost of maintaining an army. A army is important for external defense but thankfully, situations like was never occurred. 
  9. The Marshall Islands:
    Marshall Islands has not army since her formation. Like above countries, police manages the internal security and external security is insured by US.
  10. Mauritius:
    Mauritius has no standing army since year 1968. Mauritius’ national police forces manages the internal security.
  11. Micronesia:
    The country Micronesia never formed an army since her foundation. Still, the police forces manages the internal security.Micronesia’s external security is insured by US.
  12. Monaco:
    The small country Monaco has renounced its army since 17th century.
    The external defense is manged by France.
  13. Nauru:
    Nauru is one of the smallest countries in the world but still have a competent police forces maintains their internal security. Australia is the responsible for Nauru’s external security.
  14. Palau:
    Since Palau’s foundation, Palau never formed an army. The only forces permitted is police forces which includes 30-person maritime surveillance unit for the internal security. Defense assistance is provided by US under the compact of free association.
  15. Panama:
    Panama has not standing army since year 1990 when Panama abolished its army.
    However, there is something calle Panamanian public forces which are responsible for the internal security.

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