15 Wise Saying Quotes | Wisdom Quotes To Share On Social Media

We know that wisdom don’t come overnight and it takes years to gain it. A wiseman or a woman can make their life simpler and better.

We came up with best 15 wise quotes to read & share on your social media accounts.

1. Promises are the sweetest lies

Isn’t this relatable?

2. Your Mind Is Like Water. When It’s Turbulent, It’s Difficult To See. When It’s Clam, Everything Becomes Clear.

3. Tears Are The Words The Heart Can’t Say.

4. Worrying Is Like Sitting In A Rocking Chair. It Gives You Something To Do But It Doesn’t Get You Anywhere.

5. When You Change The Way You Look At Things, The Things You Look At Change.

6. Talking About Our Problem Id Our Greatest Addition. Break The Habit, Talk About Your Joys.

7. Time Always Exposes What You Mean To Someone.

8. Be Good Enough To Forgive Someone. But Don’t Be Stupid Enough To Trust Them Again.

9. There Come A Time When You Have To Choose Between Turning The Page Or Closing The Book.

10. Making Mistakes Is Better Than Faking Perfections.

11. No One Sees How Much You Do For Them. They Only See What You Don’t Do.

12. Don’t Judge A Situation You’ve Never Been In.

13. The Only Way To Win With A Toxic Person Is Not To Play.

14. Fear Doesn’t Stop Death. It Stops Life.

15. Cutting Some People Out Of My Life Doesn’t Mean I Hate Them. It Means I Respect Myself.

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