20 Life Tips Which You Should Read And Implement In Your Life

We know clearly that nobody is perfect as everyone has bad points. We often make mistakes and learn from it or just forget it and move on. Learning from mistakes is a good thing and you must learn from mistakes. But this doesn’t mean that you have to make mistakes to learn, you can learn from someone else mistakes or you can follow our tips to improve your self.

Improving self is a must-do task if you aren’t good & happy in your life. By following these tips, you can deal with things in a better way and avoid “Unwanted problems” and live life like a pro.

20 Life Tips – Read & ..

1. Don’t use credit cards

If you ever have credit card them you might have experience that by using credit cards, you won’t have an idea about how much money you’ve spent and spending.

If you use cash then you will always have a number count, a budget and an idea about you money usage. Using credit card is costly as you can just keep spending money without knowing how much you’re spending. So better you cash instead of credit cards.

2. Be a good listener

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.

I don’t think I need to tell about this more. Scroll down to 3rd tip.

3. Read everything except s*x stories

The best habit you can have is reading habit. Those who are interested in reading are simply knowledge gainers. Having habit of reading can make you mature.

You can choose your favourite subject and start reading on Wikipedia or you can download eBooks from internet.

4. Make eye contacts

Don’t be shy to make eye contacts. Never look down and be confident person and make eye contacts. Eye contacts is the first stage of Friendship. So it will help you up to make friends and it will grow up your confidence.

5. Lift Weight

Weight will simply stop you from achieving your goals and make you feed bad about yourself and breakdown your confidence.

Lift weight to keep going on without feeling down about yourself.

6. Always do shopping at the end of month

If do shopping at starting of month, your budget will be higher then your budget should be as you haven’t cared much about remaining month.

So if you want to do shopping, do it in end of the month so you will do shopping with remaining money.

7. Sleep on time

Follow this till you can. Sleeping on time will be good for help.

So better to sleep on time. Don’t play with health.

8. Wake up early

Waking up early is good for your body and it will break down your laziness.

To wake early everyday, sleep on time first.

9. Spend some time with family

Because, Internet is not everything. You elder must have seen a lot thing which you haven’t.

Though times will teach you about importance of family but instead of facing though times to learn. We recommend to learn from our this important tip.

10. Avoid hating people

Hating someone makes you forget every positive points. You might have been hating someone for one or multiple reasons.

Instead of hating, forget those or start thinking normally.

By hating someone, you will draw a circle around you as you can deal with your hate. If someone whom you hate is somewhere where you decide to not to go but accully wanted to go. This is the hate circle which we are talking about.

11. Learn to forgive

Keeping in mind old memories won’t  do anything in present.

Learn to stay in present and forget old memories doesn’t meter those memories are good or bad.

12. Say ‘sorry’ whenever you’re at fault

Trust us, saying sorry won’t hurt you but make things easy to deal. Any person who gets upset with you and fault it yours, don’t give much value to ego and say the “sorry”.

The word “sorry” won’t fix up everything which is wrong. But it will give an emotional satisfaction to that person.

13. Avoid keeping phone beside your pillow.

Keeping phone beside pillow is a bad habit and must be changed. Because when you keep phone beside your pillow, you see your phone first when you wake up.

Keep your phone in distance in night and sleep well.

14. Ask her out right now if don’t want loose her

Right girls always with wrong guys because right guys were shy to ask out.

Don’t know whoever said this but well said. Just be confident and note this.

Right time never comes.

15. Learn to bargain

Specially when you’re in a Asian country. Don’t just give the money which merchants asks.

16. Avoid junk food

Main point, some people are habitations of eating junk foods every day. Avoid junk food to take care of your health. Take you health’s care seriously.

17. Best study time is 4 AM to 6 AM

4 AM to 6 AM is the time when everyone in home and the the atmosphere at that time will be best and the sound pollution will be almost zero.

18. Stop being happy on achieving easy things

Being happy when you achieved something small will make you stop there. But don’t! Think big!

19. Use public transport whenever possible

To avoid extra pollution which a single vehicle. Take air pollution seriously and pay your part in fighting with pollution.

20. Work to achieve your goals.

Because the only thing can making you really happy is seeing you goals being achieved. The bigger your goals are, the bigger happiness you can feel.

Work hard and harder to achieve your goals.

Follow these tips and implement in your life.

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