5 Books On Partition Which Make Your Heart Cry | Partition Horror Remembrance

Undoubtedly, partition is the biggest tragedy India faced. The newly reborn nation, India and A country created for Muslims only, had a bloody beginning. That period was dark, mass migration, murders and rapes took place during partitions.

Recently, India prime minister Narendra Modi tweeted that 14 August will be observed as Partition Horror Remembrance Day

With this tweet, the relevance of partition horror remembrance has moved upwards

Before we go along with post, let me clear that reading more and more can make your heart cry. But still if one wants read deep about the partition, here’s 5 non-fictional books list below one can read.

Midnight’s Furies: The deadly legacy of India’s partition

The book Midnight’s Furies is written by Nisid Hajari Indian-American writer, editor and foreign affairs analyst. The book is not about “why the subcontinent was divided” or “who to be blamed for the massive fighting that erupted among the ethnic groups” but instead, it’s about the consequences of the partitions. The book focus mainly on how Nehru and Jinnah’s mistrust, suspicion, frustration lead both struggles to come on solutions.

Midnight’s Furies is a well researched book and it gives no easy hero’s and villains to blame and appreciate. It’s a suggest book to read or you can just read very detailed review on Livemint or KajalMag

The Great Partition: the making of India and Pakistan

The Great Partition is written by Yasmin Khan who is British India historian. The books covers almost everything one wants to know about partition, from beginning to to execution and aftermath. One can read the local stories of the common people which were interlinked to the larger politics that was behind partition.

The Great Partition is a suggest book to read and the book is quite popular as well. You can consider reading a review before you start reading.

India Divided

The book India divided is written by former President of India, Rajendra Prasad. He was the first president of Independent India and has seen everything closely. From colonialism to nationalism the partition.

Reading from someone who has seen everything himself makes some difference here, the book talks about Rajendra Prasad’s views on how Hindu Muslim has two nations. The book has ability to bring light on other issues like, history of two-nation theory and the chronology of Hindu Muslim conflicts.

The Shadow Of The Great Game: the untold story of India’s partition

The Shadow Of The Great Game is a well researched book written by Narendra Singh Sarila. The book is highly recommend to read, why? Because it has the information we didn’t in 1947. The book used recently discovered papers and documents related to India during partition and the book trys to connect dots which were all ignored before. If you haven’t made decision where you’re going to read or not, we suggest to read beautiful book review by swarajya.

The Other Side of Silence: voices from the partition of India

The Other Side of Silence is written by Urvashi Butalia who is a Indian feminist writer, publisher and activist. The book is based on memories of sub-continent’s partition which we cannot afford to forget.

Well, the books contains stories of seventy interviews conducted with partition survivors. The book emphasizes particularly the role of violence against women in the collective experience of the tragedy. You can read whole book or a detailed review and decided whether you want to read or not

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