5 Cool And Safe Deep Web/Dark Web Sites – Best For Beginners

In-case if if you don’t know difference between deep web and dark web the kindly read below article first.

Dark web and deep web got its scary names because of scary activities done openly there. Dark web is heaven for criminals where they can commit crimes online with very low chances of getting cough.

However, there are some safe (at least considered as safe) sites in which we came up 5 dark web sites.

Before scrolling down, read this article

But if you’re well aware of security threats and already secured as much as you can then, scroll down.

1. The Hidden Wiki – Dark web’s Wikipedia

This service is quite perfect for new dark web surfers. This site contains the too many dark web links and sources running on the dark web. But do not believe anything blindly on dark web as any site could be a scam or harmful site.



2. Dark web bank – Blockchain for Bitcoins

Almost every is paid in dark web and to access paid stuff, you will need to pay via Bitcoins. This wallet helps you to keep Bitcoins anonymously and its quite secured with https certification.



3. Sci-Hub

If you’re a science lover, this is heaven for you. The Sci-Hub provides free access to millions of research papers. You can read out more about Sci-Hub on Wikipedia.



4. Dark Web’s Email Network – Tor Mail

This mail service is used mostly contact in dark web. Sign up is free, easy and quick Tor mail. This is the best mailing service considered till now.



5. Onion Bookmark – Bookmark and save dark web’s URLs

Due to its very very random and ugly domain names, its not possible to remember multiple dark web sites. You can save dark web’s URLs online.



Note: We Do Not grantee thst these sites are 100% safe and secure. Visiting any site will be your personal decision. We won’t be responsible for anything happens wrong.

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