An Indian Spy In Pakistan – Book Review

The book, An Indian Spy In Pakistan is a must read book for someone who’s instrested espionage stories or the country Pakistan.

You know what’s the biggest nightmare of a intelligence agencies’ field agents? Well, that nightmare is getting cough in rival country. That nightmare turned real for the author Mohanlal Bhaskar. He was on a mission to find out information about Pakistan’s nuclear program but because of a double agent, Mohanlal Bhaskar and his mentor got arrested. Once you read till this, it’s a difficult task to drop the book down.

He writes about his multiple interrogations & merciless torture in Pak jails. He was sometimes hung upside down and beaten with rod. Sometimes, he was made to lay on slab of ice. He faced such tortures for two and half years but despite after facing such tortures he maintained same statement. No evidence were found against him and he proved that testimonies given by all the witnesses can’t be depended upon. But despite all this, the court sentenced 14 years of jail.

Mohanlal Bhaskar also writes about his experiences in Pakistani jails and also he has written some stories which he heard from the jail.

In the prisoners exchange program, he and many other Indians returned India and he visted then prime minister Morarji Desai and demanded compensation against his stay in Pakistan. But when one reads the replay of Morarji Desai will no longer admire him Mohanlal Bhaskar took a job of a teacher and lived a simple life afterwards.

Well, Indian Spy In Pakistan is good read, start like a thriller but it’s based on true story. I definitely recommend to read this book.

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