8 Changes You Should Do To Covert Your Messed Up Life Into A Better Life

Those who don’t care about outcomes of actions they take, eventually will mess up and might not able to figure out what went wrong. It’s easy (only if someone wants to) to understand that whatever happens to ourselves (good or bad) is consequences of our own actions.

Sorry to start this article in a hard way but see, the moment someone realises that he/she has messed up his/her life, should be made realised that if his/her life is messed up, the blame shouldn’t be thrown at anyone else but should be taken at own shoulders. Once he/she realises that how his/her actions bring himself/herself at these points, will learn to think before taking actions. (I hope that)

Sometimes, one faces problems after problems and gets broken down. Actually, it’s the time one should stay strong the most and change things around themselves to change a messed up life. The weak people will throw blames on others and will continue to ruin their lives further..

Ok, let’s leave all this aside and talk about what to do actually when you realize you have messed up own life and you want to change it now,

1. Clam yourself, do not panic!

First all; clam your brain, clam yourself. There’s whole life ahead.

See, there is only one way to solve problems. By thinking. When someone is in panic or angry state of mind, no one should expect problem to solved in this way. Actually it will mess up more.

A clam person can think about the problem and can find the root cause of the problem. It’s becomes easy once one understands the problem fully.

2. Don’t take any decision if you’re angry or sad

Stop yourself for the moment, get in normal state before finalizing the decision. The chances are, you will change the decision.

While you’re sad, you might have deeper thoughts and you might be overthinking. What I suggest is to wait till you get in normal state. You won’t feel deep feeling when you’re in normal state thus, decision taken while you were sad will become irrelevant.

3. Figure out what mistakes you made and never repeat those mistakes

Look, we are human beings, not the robots! We humans will make mistakes and learn from it. It silly to expect from someone not make mistakes. What best we humans can do is to learn from own mistakes. What you did wrong and why you shouldn’t repeat the same actions (which caused mistakes) is the two points are suggested to understand well.

Repeating mistakes mean that you don’t learn that last time you made a mistake and there are real chances of suffering because of repeat mistakes. Here’s a quote I suggest to read.

4. Figure out what options you have

This is one of few part of solving a problem. It’s actually stupid to think about the options you don’t actually have. Thinking like, “I wish if I didn’t said that” or “I wish if I could time travel” won’t solve any problem but yeah it can waste time for sure.

What I suggest is to have realistic approach in life. That will be more productive. Here’s a focus quote I would like to mention.

What you focus on grows. What you concentrate on is what you see more of in your life.

Robin S. Sharma

Now understand this quote like this, if you focus on your problem, it will grow. But if you focus on their solutions, you will find few (atleast).

5. Don’t worry about the things you can’t control

Things one can’t change or not in under one’s control are best to ignore. It’s complete waste of time and energy. Instead, one shall spend his/her time to change, influence or fix that’s is under one’s control. That will productive. It’s absolute unproductive to worry about the things you have no control on.

6. Start loving what you already have

Here I’m addressing two things; the economic model that makes you a buy stuffs endlessly and the second one is everything except.

See, the capitalist economic model made in a way that no one will becomes satisfied with whatever one have. Everyone wants they don’t have. Those endless desires won’t be fulfilled ever it supposed to be that way because ever company wants to grow their business in every quarter. That’s why their marketing strategies are killer and makes everyone buy more and more.

I’m not critical of capitalism but I want you to be aware of this system’s flaw. I personally believe in capitalism and not a fan of other economic model.

The second thing is little hard to explain because it contains everything except the economic model, it means almost everything.

See there are people who don’t like their mom, dad, brother, sister, relatives, partners and friends. I mean they don’t like any one of them or many of them. But once one losses any of them and starts missing them later means that one liked them deep down but for any reason, ignore or didn’t cared much and understood the value of them after one lost them completely.

This whole situation can be avoided when one starts loving whatever one have or either one will loss someone or buy anything unneeded.

7. Have realistic view of life

The unrealistic views are total waste. It helps you to set exceptions to happen something unreal or in some case impossible.

Setting some unrealistic goals to achieve or investing with unrealistic optimism will do no good to you. See, anything unrealistic will just give you a bubble like exceptions and it will burst eventually.

Right now, you will having thoughts like how to hell one can get to know that his/her exceptions are unreal? Or he/she has set some unrealistic goal to achieve Basically how to know what is realistic and what is not?

The answer is within you. You can achieve with whatever the capabilities you have. At best you can reach your true potential.

So it’s better to understand own capabilities, true potential and how much skilled you are. Keeping all that in the mind, setting the goals is better.

8. Life is limited, Don’t mess up again

It’s feels stupid too ask to someone to not make the same mistakes which made him/her suffer too much. But I personally believe that whoever understands the value of life, how short is life, how limited time one has will not repeat mistakes.

Think once, what good things you can do with your limited life. You can achieve goals, travel to new places, meet new people, experience something new and a lot more.

See, I have written an article containing quotes about short life. I suggest to read below article, it will broaden your thoughts.

Final Thoughts

So I have covered 8 points which can help you when you’re messed up. If you read and understand what I have written, you can transform your life to a better one.

If you have thoughts related to the article, contact at @theSavai, because the comments section is turned off.

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