20 Best Deep Dark Quotes To Read, Save & Share When You’re Unhappy

See, we are human beings, we have feelings and emotions which be hurt. While Ups and Downs are very normal, it makes one learn huge lessons about the life and how our world is weirdly wired.

Being somewhat unhappy is completely normal, in the course of time one will recover and start living old life again.

Actually, it’s about the time when someone who is working to achieve some goals but when the goal seems too far, one will start having thought. What to do in that time is a topic for some other day.

So we came up with very relevant quotes to read, save & share when you ain’t happy.

Best Deep Dark Quotes

You keep a lot to yourself because it’s difficult to find people who understand.

Real depression is when you stop loving things you used to love.

I don’t hate you, I just lost all my respect for you.

Someday someone will break you so badly that you will become unbreakable.

Isn’t it sad when you get hurt so much you can finally say; “I’m used to it”.

Beautiful faces are everywhere but beautiful minds are hard to find.

There are nights when falling asleep is the biggest challenge. 1

Some days, the world is too loud, for a quiet soul.

J. Rose

You want a fight, I’ll bring a war.

Lost is not a place. It’s a soul in paralysis. Waiting to feel moved.

Just because I carry it so well, doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.

In the end, we all become stories.

The worst kind of pain is when you are smiling just to stop the tears from falling.

My dark days made me strong. Ormay be I already was strong and they made me prove it.

Sometimes, it’s better not to say anything than to say how you truly feel and make things worse.

You’d lose your mind trying to understand mine.

Sleeping is so hard when you can’t stop thinking.

The worst kind of sad is not being able to explain why.

May GOD have mercy on my enemies, ‘couse I won’t.

You call me insane. I simply see a deeper reality than you.

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