8 Good Life Rules To Follow For Everyone

Most people have no controls over their lives, the other people and situations around them controls it but, there are also many smart people as well who have good & enough controls over their lives that they don’t let anybody or little bad situations ruin their good life.

So what’s the basic difference in both the type of people and what those people do exactly to form a better life while many people don’t? This article is about all this.

See, the smart people we are talking about are the people who learnt from their mistakes and few other things by life experience. But, there is a catch too. These smart people are not very young but either near thirty or above thirty aged, because it takes time learn all the codes and by the time they learn all the codes, it’s quite late (in most cases).

I remember here a relevant quote from peaky blinders;

Alfie Solomons Quote, "intelligence is very important... ", from Peaky blinders
Quote from Alfie Solomons (fictional character from Peaky Blinders)

Intelligence is a very valuable thing, innit, my friend. And usually, it comes far too f**king late.

Alfie Solomons (a character from peaky blinders)

You got the point? It takes time to learn all the life rules which I listed below but, it will take time. You will learn all this by yourself eventually but mostly, it would be too late.

I consider myself lucky as I learned all this at the age of 22-23 and by 25, I know a lot before reaching 30 year old age.

So I have listed 8 life rules which I figured out myself in different times of life. This article is very valuable one, I request here you to share (with your friend,family or relative) if you find this article useful too.

Let’s start knowing all the rules

1. Value whatever you have

This is the most difficult code to follow as it’s uncommon to human behavior. We humans never get completely satisfy with whatever we have and want something what we don’t have.

See, there’s no problem wanting what you don’t have already, the problem is when you stop valuing whatever you have already.

Your relationship, friendships, good relatives, your family, your image, and whatever you own is whatever you already have. Everything mentioned above have impact on your lifestyle.

But who don’t want more? The question is completely valid but when you start regretting not having whatever you want, you start disliking whatever you have already.

It all starts when you look at someone living a better lifestyle then you. That ignites the jealously! It’s a common feeling. In fact, I too have felt this many times in my life.

But look, that jealousy won’t do anything good to you. And I know it’s no easy to ignore things like that. Feeling don’t just fade away like that. But what you can do is to understand all this in a better way.

See, there are millions of poor people on earth who work everyday just to feed their families. For them, talking about taking holidays and doing some rest is nothing more than stupidity. Lives of poor people are like wars fought on daily basis and if they lose any day, that day their families won’t get food to eat at night. By war, I mean getting work to do because poor people don’t really get permanent jobs, they get work on daily basis.

So, you should be thankful to GOD for not making you that poor. You have some financial backing and you can achieve big goals if everything goes right. So, next time you count your problems while taking shower, remember that there are many people on earth who don’t get clean water to drink.

2. Either pick a profession you love or love whatever your profession is

See, that’s easy to understand why I’m telling this. Life won’t be easy if you don’t love your profession.

Imagine doing work everyday you don’t like, that’s very much difficult. It’s also easy to say that this will kill your happiness if you dislike your profession.

Our jobs or the business we do plays very important role and we spend our life’s most of the time in the same. So disliking that will hurt yourself mentally.

So you need to start loving your profession or if possible, quit it and start having a profession you like if not love

3. Have some life goals

See, without have life goals is like running into roads which are made up like a web of spider, you take one after one road and go through it without knowing where the end destination will be.

When you do something like this, the destination is probably out of your control and also the destination will positive or negative for you too will be not under your control.

So it’s a terrible situation to be in, I personally suggest to avoid that have some goals in your life to achieve.

What goals you need to set should be completely your decision and you need to set goals that suits you. Don’t set goals that are impossible to achieve and also, setting easy goals which you can achieve next day, is silly.

4. Develop good habits like reading (avoid bad habits as well)

Developing habits is a task that very few percentage of people on the planet do. Habits mostly gets set without getting noticed, one mostly notices when he/she successfully has acquired a habit. Good habit or bad, depends on daily routine and the circle of people in which one is around.

So just developing a habit will get you in a very few percentage of people. When you develop a good habit, that will have huge impact on your life which will be positive. It’s not easy to develop a habit but you can if you want to.

So good habit can be many, reading is the best among all. I have written a whole article where I mentioned total eight benifits of reading.

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Also, it’s very very important to avoid having bad habits because it does no good to your life but only affacts your life in a negative manner. So avoid it with the strong will.

5. Be mentality strong – morally right

Imagine being completely opposite of mentally strong and morally right, that will make your life move in a negative direction and you will lose total control of your life. How you will lose is a topic for some other day.

Ones whore are strong mentally has better abilities dealing with problems while many panic when multiple problems arises.

Being strong mentally is not that easy if you’re not and you won’t be one overnight. It’s a long process and you need to develop different perspective of life.

While being strong mentally is not easy, being morally right is easy but tricky too. See, being morally correct comes with costs. You don’t take unethical roads for quick success, you take long roads for sustainable success. One of the major benifit of being morally right is you won’t have regrets about your actions later in your life. That’s what many people starts having when they start growing old. You can avoid that.

6. Be ok with your imperfection and don’t expect from anybody to be perfect

I have written a whole article on this topic as well. See, we all are imperfect but not all accept this as fact. While some constantly trying to be perfect and wasting non-refundable time of the life, some be ok with what they are and don’t try to be as perfect as those Bollywood & Hollywood’s commercial movie characters.

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When you settle down being imperfect, you need to drop your expectations from other of them being flawless people. Others can be imperfect as well and the flaws might have can be different from you as well.

So being ok with your own imperfections and droping unrealistic expectations will cut the possible complication. Doing both the mentioned tasks will simplify your life.

7. Have realistic approach to life

See, having an unrealistic approach will damage yourself the most. You might be having some unrealistic hopes from the life which can’t be fulfilled for you. That will hurt very bad when those hopes gets broken.

You need to count all what you have and all your abilities which making the life goals and setting the expectations from the life. Drop the unrealistic hopes if you have already. That’s a hard task for many, I know it. But, that’s all what I can do. Show the right path.

What is realistic and what is seems easy to figure out, but it’s not actually many times. This topic deserve a whole article, I might write soon.

8. Don’t live with guilts

Having guilts can completely ruin one’s life. Guilt takes time to develop and mostly it develop from the small regrets you have. If you don’t face your regrets that constantly reminds you that you did something wrong, it won’t fade away but it will grow bigger.

You have two ways to escape from guilt feelings. First, be morally right in which you avoid everything that can make you have regrets. Second, face your guilts! I know that doesn’t seems easy but that’s the only way out.

Final thoughts

So these are the good life code which I personally follow and suggest to too follow, these codes will simplify your life and make it easy to live.

I know all the codes mentioned requires much more that I have written here. Here, I want to say that if I get time to write about these topics then I will write on it too. Whenever I will write, I will send notifications via email so subscribe our newsletter if you haven’t yet.

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