Is It Safe To Browse Deep Web And Dark Web – Explained With Security Tips

The name of “Dark web” sounds scary and the dark web is accully filled up with illegal and scary stuffs. By illegal activities like hiring a Hitman, selling drugs, terrorist activities, human trafficking, human experiments, child p*rn and many more serious illegal activities done in dark web.

Also, there are many scary stories of people who had very scary experience and later shared publicly. You might have got an idea that dark web is not safe as regular internet.

So, this part of Internet network is not for kind hearted people but if you are strong hearted person, you can go but we don’t recommend to access dark web. There are rumours of dark web inwhich one rumour is that ‘Accessing The Dark web is illegal‘ and another one is ‘having Tor browser is illegal‘. I will try to clear these rumours out and tell that is its safe to browse dark web and will give you important security tips.

  1. By having Tor browser and accessing dark web, you’re a suspicious for US government but until you do any illegal activity, you aren’t criminal. You can stay away from illegal things.
  2. Use VPN service before accessing dark web. With VPN, you’re almost anonymous but its not ultimate solution.
  3. Never pay with credit cards, dark web are full of scampers and they can store you credit card’s details and steal you money from your bank later.
  4. Bitcoins are most used for making payments on dark web. Before you plan to pay for any site, remember that it can be a scam.
  5. Tape you web cam because you’re anonymous for everyone except to admin of the site you’re browsing. The admin can see you face so tape the web cam to avoid it.
  6. Always check the speed of Internet. if its increase without any reason, turn off the Internet and exit that site.
  7. Always think practical while browsing the dark web. If someone is being unusually friendly, think yourself why. if someone threats you consider it as real threats. What we recommend is to avoid to chat on dark web which is better.
  8. Never download anything from dark web. There are high chances that it can be malicious software which can steal your files,pictures and ither data. If you’re still downloading, scan the file at VirusTotal or at any similar service.
  9. If you’re registering an account on any dark web’s site, don’t use your real name and address and also, use a use-and-throw email. However, registering account is never recommended.

Now, strictly follow these security tips while browsing the dark web.

Always remember, illegal activities are illegal, offline or online. Never do any illegal activity to keep yourself safe.

In the end of post, we recommend you to avoid dark web if your innocent or kind hearted person. However, last choice is yours.

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