It’s Ok To Be Imperfect Person, Here’s Why

Trying to be the perfect person is a never ending practice in which people take unnecessary stress. Perfection is a state where someone can claim that he/she is completely flawless, but that ‘perfection state’ doesn’t exist in the practical world. So in this article, I will try to explain why shouldn’t wasting your short life in archiving that fictional state and be happy with the “imperfect” tag. But before we go along in the article, let’s understand the adjective of the word, ‘perfect’ first.

free from flaw or blemish or impurity. cold. marked by errorless familiarity. perfect and complete in every respect; having all necessary qualities.


When someone rushs towards perfection, questions like below will float in the brain.

  • “Is my clothes are good enough?”
  • “Is my body is good enough?”
  • “Is my look is good enough?”
  • “Do I talk sweet enough?”
  • “Is my personality is charming enough”

But after one tries to avoid all flaws which he/she know he/she had, one can find out flaws if he/she wants to. Why? Because we are humans! We can find flaws in everything. Our societies are wired like that, if someone trys to be flawless then there will be set of people who are there to count every little possible flaw.

See, instead of killing all the flaws and trying to be what you aren’t is not what we suggest. We suggest to learn to be ok with what you are, just avoid bad habits and be imperfect person. I know it’s not that easy to convince someone but, I got 5 points in which I will try to explain why being imperfect is ok.

Making mistakes is ok, too.

There’s no one on the planet earth who can claim that they have made no mistakes in their lives. From biggest personalities to common civilians, everyone makes mistakes and no one can actually stop making mistakes. What you can do is two things I’ve listed below

  • Learn from your mistakes, remember the lessons you got
  • Never make the same mistake twice.

I would like to mention a beautiful quote by Kevin J. Donaldson which is relevant to this point

Remember, making mistakes is part of the process. The key to success is to make mistakes quickly, and recover quickly, and keep forging forward.

Kevin J. Donaldson

Life is short, don’t waste it.

Every moment of your life is important, once passes, it will never come back. The moments you spend on achieving fictional “perfection” state is a total waste. Instead, you can enjoy with whatever you are.

Face own fears of failures

See, the fear of failure can be biggest reason for failure. You know why? Because it just prevents you to do a task what you plan to but the fear of failure stops you to execute what you plan, thus it becomes main cause of failure.

See, there are only two destination you can reach while doing some task, success and failure. But do you have any control over which destination you will reach? The answer is no. So what you can here is giving best doing the task, then if you fail then you won’t have any regret later.

See, Failures are the part of the journey, if it happens just look back and see if something you did wrong or you can move on.

Learn to love yourself as you are

lot’s of people are just being what they see in TV shows, Web series and Instagram celebrities but actually they are coping some fictional characters, which is wrong. See, being original is what we suggest.

Just avoiding some bad habits, you can be good person which own personality. That what many people lack in this era. So love yourself as you are, don’t copy anybody.

In the end, we are humans

We all have flaws, we all have fears, we all make mistakes. That’s all that makes us human. That’s all I want to say in this article. I would like to end this article with a great quote by great personality, Stephen Hawking.

One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist…..Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist

Stephen Hawking

Also I would like to let you know, “being happy imperfect” is the tagline of this website.

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