20+ Best Positive Vibes Quotes To Read, Save & Share

Positivity can do miracles and we know it well. But we also know it’s difficult to stay positive continuesly in this practical world. But that doesn’t mean we shall... Read more »

40+ Best Stay Focused Quotes To Read, Save & Share On Instagram

See, focus is the key to success if you want to achieve some goals. With a brain, filled up with lots of things, good and bad, related to the... Read more »

New Reader? Try 10 Apps Made For Readers | Reader Community Android Apps

Starting some good habits is easy but keeping the same habits for a long time is difficult and a habit like reading requires high interest because there are many... Read more »

8 Good Life Rules To Follow For Everyone

Most people have no controls over their lives, the other people and situations around them controls it but, there are also many smart people as well who have good... Read more »

Why Reading Is The Best Habit To Acquire? | 8 Reason Why You Start Reading Everyday

Which habits are good and which aren’t is what we already know subconsciously if not directly but it’s uneasy to have or develop a particular habit. Actually, habits are... Read more »

30 Best Positive Instagram Quotes For Captions

The Ups and Downs are really common in the life journey but what’s not common is people’s approach towards their lives during ups and downs. What to do during... Read more »

40+ Have A Good Day Quotes That Are Worth Reading & Sharing

We know that life is journey and the journey is short for some and long for many. The days we are living right now is part of the whole... Read more »

25 Best Be Yourself Quotes For Instagram Instagram Caption Quotes

To understand real meanings of life, one needs first start loving themselves as what they are rather then copying someone else’s personality. Self valuing is very important and it... Read more »

It’s Ok To Be Imperfect Person, Here’s Why

Trying to be the perfect person is a never ending practice in which people take unnecessary stress. Perfection is a state where someone can claim that he/she is completely... Read more »

5 Books On Partition Which Make Your Heart Cry | Partition Horror Remembrance

Undoubtedly, partition is the biggest tragedy India faced. The newly reborn nation, India and A country created for Muslims only, had a bloody beginning. That period was dark, mass... Read more »
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