15 Lion Quotes For Strong Life |Best Lion Quotes Ever

Being stronger is the only way out in this competitive and merciless world. One needs to be strong enough to face and beat the world around him/her to become something better.

Lion is undoubtedly the king of the jungle and also symbol of power and stronger personality. We came up with strong lion quotes to read & feel motivated or to share on the social media.

Note: Commentry under quotes are personal views.

Lion Quotes For Strong Life

1. I Don’t Need A Weapon, I am One.

It’s part of self-belive. One who believes that he/she is a loser, becomes a loser. It’s better to have confidence and self belive.

2. A King Isn’t Born, He Is Made.

Those days are gone when king used to born. One need to earn that spot from people around him. It take years of hard work.

3. Never Announce You Move Before You Make Them.

Think like a king. Having a surprise element is a strong man symbol. Once you announce you move, your opponents will work to create strategies to make you upcoming move useless before you execute you pre-announced move.

4. Learn The Rules Carefully So You Can Break Them Properly.

This quote is for those who have leadership qualities. One who learns the rules properly, can find and exploit loopholes.

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5. If Size Really Mattered, The Elephant Would Be King Of The Jungle

It takes two main things to be a king, power and intelligence. Both are important and size never matters

6. If You Want To Be Strong, Learn To Fight Alone.

Well, that’s a true and a wise quote. One who wants be strong, must learn to fight alone and not to lean on anyone.

7. Silence Is The Most Powerful Scream.

Those who understand the world, will understand this quote. Silence cannot go unnoticed.

8. Leaders Don’t Force People To Follow. They Invite Them On A Journey.

See, one who has leadership qualities, will not need to force people to join. Above quote is good leadership quote.

9. The Comebacks Are Always Greater Than Setbacks.

Any doubts about that? Comebacks are indeed better than setbacks.

10. Never Above You, Never Below You. Always Beside You.

That’s what true love means ♥️.

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11. Underestimate Me. That Will Be Fun.

I will be honest here, this is my personal favorite quote. I often shared on my Instagram stories before this post.

12. The Smarter You Get, The Less You Speak.

I completely agree on this. What about you?

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13. Not Giving A Fuck Is Better Than Revenge.

Smart people don’t waste their important times taking stupid revenges. That emotional satisfaction is completely useless.

14. If You Kick Me When I’m Down. You Better Pray That I Don’t Get Up.

This quote is most shared lion quote as far as I know.

15. The Only Things Can Stop Me, Is Me.

Those who knows his/her own potential, will understand & relate this quote 😇.

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