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Starting some good habits is easy but keeping the same habits for a long time is difficult and a habit like reading requires high interest because there are many many more easy ways for entertainment and to gain knowledge, mostly people prefers video formats. But still, reading is very very valuable habit to have so, one who has developed this habit, shall sustain the habit for a longer period of time.

See, it’s easy to develop & sustain habits if people with same habits are around. Getting into the communities which promotes the good habits like reading, eventually increase one’s interest in reading.

In this digital era, our smart phones it’s apps dominates our lives the most. While for some, the mobile devices are the main culprits for problems of their lives, some end up using smart phones smartly to improve their lives at possible levels.

So let’s leave the first kind of people on their own and let’s talk about how you can use the Apps which are just made for readers like you and me.


Goodreads is place where you can find (almost) every book that exist and people can post reviews and rate it with stars just like we do in google play store.

You can find any book you want to read, see it’s rating & reviews by other readers. That will help you to take a decision whether to read the book Or not.

So basically it’s a play store like community for book readers. It has a very important featured for which I actually use this app personality. The feature is that it allows you to create virtual book shelves where you can save and organize the books you like and want to read in future.

Note: You can’t read any book on Goodreads, the app doesn’t offer this feature.

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Kindle App

Kindle app is not competing with any other Android app but it’s actually conpeting with physical books which people used to read before this digital era.

You know that’s not easy task, the app needs to offer many feature in order to make this change of moving us from physical book reading to digital book reading.

But this app actually achieved some success doing that and any book reader are turning to Kindle app. Also, the book are cheaper compared to physical books.

So this app is for book readers, a must have app for them. If you want to be one book reader eventually, this app will help.

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Quora is undoubtedly the best place for readers as well as writers. That covers almost all the topics one would like the read about. Quora first asks topics you’re interested in and the uses Artificial intelligence to enhance your feed. As a result, you will enjoy reading the questions and it’s answers one by one.

One who haven’t started reading yet, might end up spending hours on Quora. With the upvote system, the best answers get on the top which is later served in your feed.

So Quora is a must have app. One don’t actually need to be a reader for this app, non-regular readers also can use this app.

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Google Newsstand

Don’t think like I’m suggesting you to read news on daily basis, newsstand is not just for news. It offers much more which makes it worth installing into your phone.

You can search any topic and favorite it, you will get articles related to those topics only. One more feature it has which is, the top blogs and news sites are listed on the newsstand app so, you can choose any particular blog or news site to get all the articles from that source into you feed. hasn’t listed yet on the newsstand app but we wish to be listed there.

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Every this I said about Quora, applys to medium as well but what make it different is it’s user-experience. You can read only 2 or 3 articles per month, then if you want to read more articles, you need to purchase a monthly or yearly plan. That makes medium app a premium place. You won’t find any low-quality content on the app.

So if one want to read some very high quality content only, I will recommend the medium app.


Reddit allows its users create and consume content as per their interest, hobbies or passion.

Unlike Quora, Reddit allowed its users to share video files on its servers. That’s what makes it unique.

See, if one try to compare feature between Quora & Reddit; will find many similar features but both are very different apps somehow.

Reddit is more used for entertainment but there are still many people on the Reddit who writes very high quality answer & content which one should not miss.


Deepstash is uses a unique way to simplify the information contained in article. You will find very informative articles broken into part, you don’t need to open whole new page to read whole article but, just need to slide rightward the article.

Also, you will find article as per your interests, not some random articles you have no interest reading. So the app, Deepstash offers a personalized feed with simplified articles.

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Google Books

Well; it’s a products of Google, you will find all the features you wish one app to have. The app contains almost all the features Goodreads have plus you can buy and read books on this app.

Because it’s a google product, it’s integrated with other apps like Google Drive. You can mark notes while reading and it will saved in Google Drive, which means you won’t lose the notes even if you uninstall the app.

Also, you won’t be bothered with annoying ads which other apps forces us to see. With great UI, big books library & no ads; this app becomes a good to have app, you just need little bit money to buy the books you want to read.


Wattpad is place where readers find writers. Wattpad is a heaven for the people who like to read stories in fictional genre.

Wattpad offers original & fresh content and also a user can choose sub-genres whichever they like. As a result, you will get completely original content as per your interests in your feed. That’s what makes Wattpad unique & useful.

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Kobo Books

Kobo is another e-book reader app comes with 100 pre-loaded free books and then you can buy books and read on Kobo. The app directly competes with Amazon Kindle and honestly, the offers nothing new and all the features it has are same as Kindle app.

So, Kobo is app for the people who somehow dissatisfied with Kindle. Overall this app is good but this doesn’t offer anything remarkable.

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