What Being A Leader Actually Means? | 10 Methods To Improve Leadership Qualities

Leadership isn’t about a title, fame or money. It’s not about to rule on a team or a group of people. Leadership is about one’s ability to lead a team or a group of people to make them work together to a achieve a selected goal.

One can become a boss and rule the group of people or a team but to achieve a goal with that same team or group people will be hard. One needs to develop good leadership qualities to become a better leader who can actually lead.

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See, if someone wants to ask a question that what leadership actually is, if not being the boss? Then I will tell him/her a quote by Donald McGannon.

Leadership is action, not a position

Donald McGannon

So in this article, I will try to tell what leadership actually about and how one can be a better leader.

1. Being Confident On Own Decisions

First all, a leader should and must execute a decision after thinking about possible positive and negative outcomes. One should be confident about own well thought decision while executing it. Doubting own decision will create unnecessary and avoidable problems. Here, I would like to mention a quote by Maya Angelou.

Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between.

Maya Angelou

2. It Requires Expertise

Imagine leading a team on a project of a field in which you’re not very knowledgeable person, will be able to lead it better?

Having enough knowledge and proper expertise in the required field improves the leadership of any leader.

3. Being Focused On The Goals

Leading a team or group of people to achieve pre-selected goals is the leader’s primary task.

But when the leader loses the focus on the goals, outcomes tend to be disastrous. Focus on the goals is not only important but necessary too.

4. One Can Hold People Accountable But Can’t Escape Own Accountability

See, holding people accountable for not doing the best to help achieving goals is what one leader can do, but a leader can’t just throw the blames on someone and escape. Even if the leader committed no mistakes, but still part of the blames will come on the leader’s shoulders. Here’s a quote which summarizes the whole point in a straight manner.

First rule of leadership: everything is your fault

5. One Needs To Acquire Visionary Leadership Quality

Well, this a skill that sharpens every leader’s leadership qualities. One needs to predict the foreseeable future and set goals and work accordingly.

Only those who could predict future right, will succeed with better outcomes.

6. To Be A Good Leader, One Needs To Reduce Ego Till The Lowest Possible Level

See, ego is the enemy. It doesn’t do anything good as far as I know. Having an ego problem will affect the decision making and one can easily lose the focus on achieving selected goals.

7. Being Mortally Correct And Set Standards For Others To Follow

A team or a group of people will take inspiration from whom? From the leader who leading towards achieving a goal. At the time, leaders shall act responsibly.

Being morally correct and setting good standards will help not only the leader but whole team will go through the right path.

8. Being Positive And Optimist

A negative mind never does any good, neither to him/her, nor to the team, one shall not be negative if he/she wants to lead.

Being positive and optimist are natural leadership qualities and those who have doubts on own ability, will definitely face struggles.

9. Keeping To Team Or Group Together At Hard Times

Leading a team or a group of people in a hard time is the most challenging task for leader, unsatisfaction in the team members can rise and that can lead to splits in the team.

Leading in the thought time and keeping the team together and achieving the goal, that’s all what leaders do.

10. Being Pragmatic When Problems Arises

One always has two options, either he/she can make excuses and stuck there or to be pragmatic and deal with problems/challenges with a smile.

Being pragmatic is very special ability that very few people have and it’s one’s of the best leadership quality that one can have.

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