What Is Marianas Web? It Really Exists Or Its Just A Myth?

As per stories, Marianas web is the distinct of dark web but more mysterious and it’s supposedly to most deepest part of web.

How Marianas Web Got Its Name?

Marianas web got its name from Marianas Trench which is deepest place of earth located at western Pacific Ocean. As this part was supposed to be deepest and most secret part of web, Marianas web got its name.

There are three parts exist on Internet network we know.

First part is surface web which we use daily and accessible for everyone with normal browsers. It includes all the sites which are indexed on search engines like Google and Bing which we can find with searchs.

Second part is deep web, the sites which are not indexed on search engines. Sites of deep web are kept secret from public. Usually, mostly deep web sites are made for storing data and keep large data safe.

Third part is dark web, to access this part you will need special browser and links of site which you want to open. Dark web sites are hidden from search engines and protected with multiple security layers and some sites are password protected. Means you will need to know the password to access the site.

Now this mysterious part comes, first all, what you will these sites? Unindexed of unindexed?

Whats the difference in dark web sites and marianas web?

Hypothetically, there is a secret domain extensions for marianas web sites which are .clos and .loky but that domain extensions doesn’t exist in reality because it requires special softwares like ChaosVPN but in this case, it requires IPv7 – IPv9 addresses which doesn’t exist till now. But lets think we’ve got the solutions of that.

How To Access Marianas Web Sites?

This might be more hypothetical than before. To access a Marianas web sites, you will need a quantum computer with a software architecture that can store and process information on artificiallymodified photons. But quantum computers does not exist till now. quantum computers supposed to be too much powerful than super computer but long time to be made in reality.

What kind of sites claimed to be existing on Marianas web

  • Illuminati:a mysterious group which wants to bring a ‘New World Order’ that would impose a totalitarian world government.
  • Governments secret documents: Government documents claimed to existing on deep web, dark web and marianas web. But who knows the reality?
  • Information about Atlantic Island: 2000 years ago, a philosopher name Plato wrote a book named Timaeus et Critias in which he wrote about Atlantic City at its advanced civilised society and the city was older than 9000 year at Plato’s time. In that book, he wrote that the city was bigger than the continent Asia but the whole city was lost in underwater due to natural disaster.

And other mysterious and imaginary things have links to Marianas web. It supposed to be best kept secret by human civilization.

So In Final Words, Marianas web could exist or its a myth?

Coming to the end of the post and conclusion after checking so many facts, I can say that Marianas web is just a myth and is was just forum based discussions topic where people links all the hypothetical and imaginary things to Marianas web.

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