What is Red Room In Dark Web? Do It Really Exists?

In-case if your sure about the differences between deep web and dark web the read below article first

If you’re kind hearted person, please don’t read about the brutal part of Dark web and go back to home page.

Also before scrolling down, note that whole post is all about the information, we do not recommend to visit dark web.

What Is Red Room?

Red rooms are the place where evil intentioned persons comes to a server where another evil person wearing a mask will harass and torture any randomly kidnapped victims for high amount of money.

The visiters of that servers gets link to stream live video of brutal harassments. It requires high amount money as entering fees then the evil intentioned persons pays very high amount of money thought Bitcoins and gives commands of various kinds of violence and on the other side, the harasser waits for the commands and payments. At time the evil harasser gets command of torture and payments he starts torturing and evil visitors ‘enjoys’ this kind of brutal harassment.

The amount of money for commands depends on how much brutal command is.

Do Red Rooms Really Exists?

There are very few claims of existence of red rooms in dark web. As it costs high amount of money just as entry fees and payments via Bitcoins and also, nowadays dark web filled up with scamsters. So in-case if anyone goes in the dark web to find and expose it, he or she will be bankrupt but won’t find any red room because of high amount of money as entry fees and too high amount scamsters on the dark web.

Also, people who are regular dark web surfers claim that steaming a live video is technically impossible because of slow speed of dark web servers. However, there were many dark web sites which was steam old violence videos as call itself as red room which is technically wrong.

Also, those who enjoy this brutal harassments are mentally sick and those people not thinks as we comman people think so there are almost no chances that a visitor of red rooms will expose the red rooms as watching and visiting red rooms are crimes itself.

So reaching at the end of post, I can’t clear that it really exist or not. The possibility of existence of red rooms are equal as possible of non-existence.

However, we strongly recommend to not go in dark web to find red rooms because there would be FBI spying you and the criminals and scamsters would be waiting for you to fall in their traps.

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