Whats Surface Web? Deep Web? And Dark Web? Everything Explained

If you think that Google knows everything than you’re completely wrong. There are three parts of Internet network which are named Surface Web, Deep Web and DarkWeb. This site belongs to surface web which is 4% of total Internet. Yes you hear it right. Just 4 percent and other 96% Internet belongs to deep web and dark web.

Pie Chart Of Total Internet

But what are these parts and what are the differences in these parts? You will understand it after reading whole post.

Difference Between Surface Web, Deep Web And Dark Web.

  • Surface Web: The sites which are visible for every Internet users and indexed on search engines like Google. Means sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter are on surface web. Even this site is on surface web because you found this site on social media or on Google and you’re simply browsing it.
  • Deep Web: The sites which aren’t indexed on any search engine. These sites are made up for use of very few people and to store very important data. Deep web sites are mostly encrypted and password protected. Mostly, sites in deep web are of government’s, medical and secret intelligence And agencies CIA & RAW and other personal sites where they store their very important and private data and share with selected people.Dark Web:
  • Dark Web’s sites have .onion domain and to access any dark web’s site, you will need a special software called Tor (The Onion Router). There are rumours in the social media that even accessing dark web is illegal but its completely false. But its true that dark web is completely unsecured. You must use VPN while accessing VPN. However, even with VPN you aren’t completely secured. As its name ‘Dark Web’, its really dark part of Internet network. Because you can browse anonymously on dark web, there is too much freedom. Mostly dark web sites are made for illegal activities like hiring a hitman, selling drugs, terrorist activities, human experiments, child porn and many more serious illegal activities done in dark web. Last year when instagram’s 6 million account were hacked, the details of hacked accounts was being sold on dark web. Usually, everything on dark web is paid and payments are made by Bitcoins but note that dark web also full of spammers so don’t make any payment.

[Must Note] Never search for any illegal stuff on dark web because CIA always in search of criminals on dark web.

Now you might understood that deep web and dark web is completely different. I tried to explain everything detailed but in-case if I missed anything or you have any questions related to this post, kindly ask in comment box.

Note: this information is just for ‘need to know’ proposal. We don’t recommend to access dark web.

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